Thursday, March 24, 2011

Installation 6/4/10-6/5/10

My sisterlocks were installed on my last day of school! haha. The installation took 14 hours. My hair is very thick and spongy which probably explains the length of the installation time. My installation dates were June 4 , 2010- June 5, 2010.

MY FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!! :}

Sisterlock Me Up
I am a sisterlocked sister :) .At the young age of about 12 i decided to get sisterlocks but never actually went through with it untill i was 14. I love my hair no matter what any one says about it. Just because i'm locking my hair doesnt mean its unhealthy. Just because i can no longer run a comb through my hair doesnt mean i have unhealthy hair.In fact now that i have sisterlocks i have a wider range of styles to choose from than when i had a perm. I'm actually allergic to the chemicals in the perm. Which is why my hair is short. But ill save that story for a later post